Why I'm Running

My first year in office as a state representative has been an amazing and rewarding experience.   I’ve found a sense of purpose and comradery I have not known since I was in the Army.  In every personal interaction, in every legislative challenge, in every vote I made on your behalf, the values that guided me as an Army officer for 26-years, loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage, also guided me as your state legislator.

My legislative initiatives this past session reflected my campaign platform.  I focused on protecting our public schools, supporting our first responders, improving our infrastructure and expanding economic opportunity while restoring integrity and credibility to the 65th House seat.


And as a native son of this great state, it is a real honor and privilege to serve in our General Assembly. It is a responsibility I will never take for granted or abuse. I look forward each day to the challenges of keeping our state financially strong, our citizens safe and our children ready for the future.


My team is ready for the 2018 campaign season with a continued commitment to serve the citizens of the 65th House district.

Paid for by Sam Whitson for State Representative, Jonathan Duda, Treasurer